2014 Day // Night

by Various Artists

Free download on Bandcamp.

Day//Night is the most recent compilation released by AEMMP Records in late 2014. The 12-track EP has a unique mix of sound with something for everyone.  With artists likes Austin Jones and American Wolf, the diversity of the EP makes it an easy listen and unique experience. Not only is the music interesting but also the concept behind the release is quite ‘out-of-the-box’. 

With the ‘Day’ portion of the EP filled with up-beat and energetic songs, it makes you want to dance and helps with those 8-hour workdays. With artists like Deer Emerson and Foolish on this half of the EP, it’s easy to see how the music really coincides with the energy of the day. On the other hand, the ‘Night’ portion of the EP is filled with more mellow and acoustic sounding songs for those nights when you feel like winding down in a bubble bath with a glass of… well. You know what I mean. Artists like Beauty Minus Beast and Scott Nadeau bring a more relaxing sound to the overall concept of the compilation. These songs are easy to get lost in and provide the perfect vibe for chilling out after a long day of work/school/etc. Overall, the two concepts blend perfectly to create the soundtrack of your day.