Personal Responsibility Grounds this Chicago-based Producer

Author: Erika Netzer

Personal Responsibility Grounds this Chicago-based Producer

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AEMMP Records’ newest signee, Chicago-based music producer and videographer King Art is often described as being a true visionary and with collaborative efforts constantly at play. One thing many may not know about the producer from Waukegan, IL, is that he is a veteran; which could speak to both his character and his personality. His unequivocal drive is unlike any in the industry, which begs the question… what were the steps just prior to his entrance into the music industry?  We explore part of what makes King Art tick and how this producer harnesses personal responsibility in a time where many lack it and how he uses it as a driving force of inspiration.

What inspired you to serve?
My father at first. I knew the military was just a stepping stone to get me to my next step to be able to get a college education. But when I found it my wife was pregnant at the age of 21, I knew I had to leave right then and there in order to provide got my family.

How has your family and the birth of your daughter changed your drive and hunger for creating?
It has made me even hungrier. I know music is the best vehicle for me to provide for my family and it's my best for if expression. It's a blessing to be able to pursue something you love and provide for your family with that passion.

Where were you stationed while you served?
I went to basic training and advanced training in fort Sill, Oklahoma. Then I was stationed in Osan Air Base, South Korea… then I was stationed at Fort Bliss, TX. Then I was deployed to the Middle East, to this country called Bahrain.

Interviewee: King Art

Interviewer: Erika Netzer

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