GENESIS Showcase

January 31st 2017 was the date and Fresh Empire were the sponsors. Syd Shaw, Huey Gang, Ali, Booman, and Femdot were the heavy hitting acts on the bill. The Promontory had no idea what type of show it was in for. The acts were phenomenal to say the least; it was clear that this was an event curated for the hungriest of Chicago talent. The show began to feel almost specifically designed for poets and performers in the city that represent a dying breed in rap. Luckily, I was able to sit down with Syd Shaw shortly after she blessed the crowd with what she calls “Gangsta Jazz” music.


Question: Does politics play a role in your music?

“It’s just separating us at the end of the day. If I’m really about spreading love like if I’m really about spreading love and just accepting everybody… do you know the guy from Luke Cage? He gave a speech at the Grammys. Well his mom was Muslim and he’s not. I think he’s Christian or something like that. But he was like they put their differences aside but that’s your mom like they have an unconditional bond. Imagine if everybody had that unconditional bond with each other. And realize that even though we have differences we can still get along.”


Question: What would you say your biggest goal is for 2017?

“To be myself 24/7! Be myself all the time and be the love I want to be.” … “Career wise I would like to drop a tape this year. An album damn near - Sydstem Overload. It goes with the whole thing with about… it just comes a day where you’re like ‘overload, overload’ none of this shit real! Like Love is real, God is real.”


Question: Is love really real?

“it’s the only thing that’s gonna save our ass.”


We here at AEMMP Hip Hop appreciate artists who bring a strong stage presence. Ajani Jones, an Aemmp Hip Hop artist, is an example of someone who shares that quality. We hope to see him share the stage with some of the aforementioned acts.  


Stream Syd Shaw’s music below along with other acts from the concert.

Syd Shaw - "The Wood"

Femdot - "goonsquad"

Huey Gang - "How Many Times"