RELEASE: "ok, cool" EP



“ok, cool” EP Release


Columbia College Chicago’s own award winning AEMMP Records is set to release ok, cool, a three song EP, on May 6, 2015. Featuring the music of Something Cliche, Reverse Gravity and Theoretically, ok, cool showcases the talents of student created bands, audio engineering work, and record label management skills.


This is the fourth EP to come out of Columbia College’s music business Immersion class, which combines students from the Business and Entrepreneurship, Music, and Audio departments and challenges them to form a band, record music, and create a marketable finished product to distribute. Incredibly created in only four days, and featuring three unique music styles across a range of genres from pop-rock to singer-songwriter to even funk, ok, cool creates a cohesive and entertaining listening experience that will appear to music listeners of all kinds.


Track One: With or Without You- Something Cliche’s “With or Without You” starts off the ok, cool EP with a bang. The song brings to life the relatable feelings of being in a confusing relationship and the strong female vocals on the track scream independence.


Track Two: Losing Height- Reverse Gravity changes the tone with their song, “Losing Height”. Continuing with the theme of love songs and breakup songs, Reverse Gravity brilliantly combines smooth R&B beats and vocals with rap.


Track Three: I Hope You Know- Filled with strong vocals and powerful guitar solos, Theoretically finishes off ok, cool on a note that you will surely remember. “I Hope You Know” is the perfect addition to the trifecta of tracks.


To mark the release, AEMMP will be releasing a short animated video that encapsulates the feeling of the entire EP. We will also be hosting an a release party at Door No. 3 at 1551 N. Damen Ave featuring all local, female fronted bands. Along with the video and release show, we will be giving away stickers, yo-yos and temporary tattoos that will showcase the album artwork as well as links to the music.


No matter what type of music you love, everyone can find something to enjoy on ok, cool. Featuring three unique bands, exhibiting a wide range of Columbia student talent and produced in less than a week, this release will not only stun you with its quality and professional grade work, but will also leave you singing along.


AEMMP Records Celebrates First Release of Spring Semester

After months of working tirelessly to raise AEMMP awareness, create relationships with new artists and having a very successful and extremely well attended showcase at South By Southwest, AEMMP Records is set to release a brand new split EP on April 23, 2015.


The EP, “Things and Stuff” features The Sea Empty who is a full piece folk rock band and singer song writer, and AEMMP veteran, Scott Nadeau. The Sea Empty, a three piece including Dennis Huston, Rick Nitz, and Teddy Thornhill, based locally in Chicago. According to the band their calling to make music ‘with a futuristic spin to folk/noise rock with a dash of alt-country, a spoonful of retro 80's, and a whole lot of guitar.’ All of The Sea Empty are audio engineers so they know a good sound when they hear, so “Things & Stuff” is no expection.


Scott Nadeau, a singer songwriter and a regular in the Chicago music scene, hails from Rockford, Michigan. He is constantly playing around the city and has mastered his own originals and many amazing cover songs. His influences include John Mayer, Dallas Green, Benfolds and more.


This Split EP is going to rock,” Nadeau said. “The Sea Empty is a great band that has some amazing songs on the record. As for my music, I think it's some of my strongest songwriting and I'm very excited to share it with everybody!”


“Things & Stuff” came straight from the depths AEMMP Records and is going to be a great addition the catalogue bot both Nadeau, The Sea Empty and AEMMP Records. Each artist features two songs that have been recorded and mixed at Jay’s Garage by Thomas Thornhill and Jason Schmidt and mastered at Rax Trax by Andy Shoemaker.


Join us on April 22, 2015 at the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash, for a one-of-a-kind event to celebrate the release of this EP, AEMMP Records and to hear some great music. The lineup include The Sea Empty, Scott Nadeau, Out The Car Window and David Cline. Doors open at 6:30 p.m and is free for Columbia students. For more information visit | |


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